Ovine Expression Arrays

Spotted expression arrays of ovine PCR products have been generated and used by a number of researchers. However, to our knowledge none of these arrays are currently available for new work. Other researchers have used bovine arrays either using spotted ovine PCR products or oligos in a variety of formats. A search of PubMed and the GO database will provide a list of publications, methodologies and results.

Three ovine oligo microarrays have been developed from the ovine NCBI ESTs by the Università dellaTuscia (~23K non-redundant features), Università degli studi di Udine (24,384 35-40mer probes representing 12,194 UniGenes on a CombiMatrix 90K platform), and by Agilent (15K 60mer).

Sufficient sequence information is now available from ovine skim genome assemblies and associated ovine ESTs to allow researchers create custom high quality long oligo arrays using Roche Nimblegen technology if the above arrays or the currently available bovine arrays are considered unsuitable or not available. The ISGC is not currently planning to create such arrays, but researchers needing such arrays are encouraged to contact the ISGC as it may be able to help either with provision of annotated expression ovine sequence or alternatively as a central contact point for researchers with similar requirements.

Please contact John McEwan for more information.