Sheep Reference Genome Assembly OARv2.0

The International Sheep Genomics Consortium (ISGC) is pleased to release the sheep genome assembly OARv2.0. Below you will find links to access the genome build and information relating to both its limitations and plans for improvement. We hope this assists in your research!

Pre-Publication Data-Access and Usage

All projects undertaken by the ISGC are conducted within the public domain. In order to promote public benefit arising from early access to the sheep genome assembly, this interim assembly (OARv2.0) is being made available prior to the publication of an ISGC paper describing global analysis of the sheep genome. This prepublication data release is in accordance with the Bermuda and Fort Lauderdale agreements and the more recent Toronto Statement (Toronto International Data Release Workshop 2009) which provides guidelines for both data generators and data users. The ISGC asks that users adhere to each of these policies and refrain from publishing any global analysis of the sheep genome before the ISGC using consortium data. Global analysis includes the identification of complete (whole genome) sets of genomic features such as genes, gene families, regulatory elements, repeat structures and GC content. Global analysis also includes chromosome wide or whole-genome scale comparisons with other species and reassemblies of the sheep data.

Further, users are asked to cite the ISGC ‘marker paper’ (ISGC et al., (2010) Animal Genetics 41: 449 – 453) as the citable reference when using this prepublication data. The paper can be downloaded from the Animal Genetics website.

The ISGC Reference Genome Project Work Team Is Led By:

Jun Wang, Xu Xun (BGI) : Illumina GA sequencing of the female Texel
Richard Talbot, Alan Archibald (The Roslin Institute) : Illumina GA sequencing of the male Texel
Kim Worley (Human Genome Sequence Center): 454 sequencing of the male Texel
Wen Wang, Jiang Yu (Kunming Institute of Zoology) and Wenguang Zhang (Inner Mongolia Agricultural University): Contig assembly
Brian Dalrymple, James Kijas (CSIRO Livestock Industries): High order assembly
John McEwan, Rudi Brauning (AgResearch): QC of assembly by identification of polymorphism, and alignment with existing independently assembled BACs
Jillian Maddox (ISGC) and Thomas Faraut (INRA): Genetic and Physical mapping
Noelle Cockett (USU) and Hutton Oddy (UNE): Project Coordination